The final stretch

26 Jun 2024
Vote Tom poster

With just over a week to go postal votes are already being cast and the final arguments are being made.


Nationally the Conservatives continue to limp from campaign mishap to gaff to yet more sleaze. Will it get any better in the run in. I wouldn’t bet on it!!


Labour have retreated into their shell hoping to make no last minute mistakes. We have heard it described as like they are skating across ice holding a ming vase afraid at any moment it might slip. With the polls in their favour it may work in their target seats but comes with the risk should they win that they will not have a mandate to do anything but carry on with Tory policies


The Greens are focussed on their 4 target seats and have a completely unaffordable manifesto


Reform Ltd the company owned by Mr Farage has made a lot of waves as its charismatic leader grabs media attention. His recent statement suggesting NATO somehow were responsible for Russias invasion of Ukraine appears to have dented their poll ratings so we will see if they have peaked


The Liberal Democrat’s have had a good campaign. Ed Davey antics whilst not to everyone’s taste has generated media attention both for him and our policies. The independent Institute of Fiscal Studies have shown our manifesto does more than the other parties to address issues of poverty in our society and most pundits agreed Ed won the recent Question Time leaders special


What does all this mean here in South Suffolk


The first thing we can say with certainty is that the incumbent Conservative will see his vote drop substantially as past supporters move either to Reform or one of the other opposition parties.


Labour are not actively campaigning here with activists ( including their candidate here) being told to go the Colchester to campaign. The Greens are also absent as they prioritise their attempt to win in Waveney 


The big unknown is the performance here of the Liberal Democrat’s and our ability to convince anti- Tories that a vote for Tom Bartleet is the best way to achieve that.


Tom has been actively campaigning since January and has knocked on many thousands of doors and spoken to voters. The feedback he gets is it is very much time for a change and they like the fact he has been working hard and would make a great local MP focussed on their interests rather than worrying about his own self advancement.


If you haven’t met Tom you can get an idea about him by watching the candidates at the recent Sudbury hustings at


Our canvass results are excitingly positive. As you drive around the constituency you see growing numbers of posters and banners supporting him. The final week will see us fighting for every last vote.


We genuinely believe Tom is the only realistic chance of kicking out our Tory MP. If we all get behind him we can create a political earthquake here in South Suffolk when the result is announced on July 5

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